We're Hiring 


Small Team, High Impact 

When you are lean mean team of 12, every action counts. We solve problems as a team, encouraging everyone to speak up and work together to build a product we're proud of. We believe when you have the qualified candidate for your team it makes all the difference. Each of us have high impact and the work is recognized.

Freedom Meets Productivity 

All 12 of us work wherever we like, reliable internet access is our only requirement. Spread across 4 time zones in 6 different states, we sign into slack and open our work tools on the schedule that best fits our lives. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously and take ownership over our work.  

Opportunity to Grow 

We are on a mission to help everyone make qualified hires. Our leadership team makes profitability and product plans clear. With the autonomy to own your space, you are empowered to work on what interests you and your skills in that area. 


You start by meeting with your manager to learn the landscape and the depth of the product.You learn through the product by pairing up with other team members throughout your first weeks and keep on track with your weekly OKR meetings within your team. Every step of the way you are supported and given a clear direction and feedback.  

Camaraderie from Afar 

Remote work does not stop us from getting to know each other. Daily conversations in chats like #random include topics of film, shows, shared articles, and music. Speaking of music, we even went so far as to have a team Spotify playlist. We use the coveted chat #whoaddedthis to jump on the music finds and we have a weekly optional Virtual Office Hours meeting to pop in and say hi to whoever wants to hang out and chat. Once annually we all come together for a team retreat and yes, we even executed a Secret Santa exchange!

Solving Interesting Problems 

Our platform provides coding challenges that are modeled after real-world problems, not just computer science algorithms that you may have learned in school. We create our platform from the perspective of a developer, crafting our development environment and experience so that a developer never feels like they are a fish out of water.


We really enjoy working from *anywhere* 

We have traveled to 20+ cities 

We catch up during Wednesday Virtual Office Hours. 

We have 48 songs, 3 hours and 8 minutes on our team spotify playlist. 

100% us take lunch very seriously. 

We have at least seven avid snowboarders on our team. 


Health, Dental, Vision Benefits

Work From Anywhere

Unlimited Vacation