Team Account

If you have owner or manager rights on the Team, you will be able to edit and manage the team's settings here.

To manage your log in information, see My Account.

User Management

You can add, edit, and disable user accounts on this page.

Inviting new Team Members

Invite new Team Members

Add one or more email addresses into the input field, then click SEND INVITE. Your coworkers will receive an activation email, which contains a link they must click before accessing their account. This will give them a chance to add their name and a password as well.

About Roles

Manager Seats

Reviewer User Seats

Editing Users

Editing Users
Edit User Dialog

Hover over the team member to see the EDIT button. This will bring up a dialog letting you edit their basic account information.

Note: To edit your account information, use the My Account page instead.

Disabling Users

Hover over the team member to see the DISABLE button. Clicking on it will disable that account.

A disabled account will not be able to log in or access the site. All of their feedback will be left as-is.

You can re-enable the account using the ENABLE button in the same location.

Team Profile

Application Settings

Here you can customize how the Qualified Application works.

Assessment Reviews Visibility

By default, all reviews are hidden from reviewers except their own. This helps to prevent accidental bias.

If you want your reviewers to be able to read through other team members' reviews, you can enable this here.

Blind Reviewers: Post Decision

Blind Reviewers are a special role which anonymizes the name of candidates. This makes it possible to implement blind reviews and creates a more unbiased evaluation process.

However you may not want users assigned to this role to always be blind to the candidate's real name. Its a common case that once a candidate makes it passed the approved stage, that you may wish to dig deeper into the candidate's ability with an interact session.

Enable the "Real names once decided" option if you wish to "unblind" reviewers from seeing the candidate's real name once they are approved.

Notification Scheme

Notification schemes are used to determine how team members will be notified about notifications within the system.

The following options list the different types of schemes you can choose. The scheme chosen will be the default behavior associated with each assessment. You can also override the scheme within each assessment, which will change how the started/submitted notifications are sent. Candidate level notifications, such as approval and rejection, are only configurable via the team notification scheme.