Challenge Library

To access the Challenge Library, click on Challenges at the top of the screen. This will provide you with a list of all the challenges you currently have access to, whether they are in your team's library, or the Qualified library.

Qualified Challenge Library

Challenges List

Your subscription provides you with access to some or all of the curated Qualified challenges. These challenges have been hand created and customized to fit the needs of either developers or educators. They can give you a quick start to building your first assessment, as well as providing a template for building your own challenges.

You can filter this list by choosing from the filters on the left, including searching by text, as well as filtering by difficulty, type, custom labels, and programming languages. (Not all challenges are available in all languages.)

You can also use this sidebar to change the sort order.

Most challenges include a summary, and you can peek at the instructions for the selected challenge by clicking Show Instructions. If a challenge has multiple languages, use the language tabs on the right to see the instructions for that language, which may include different code samples.

Challenge Details

Clicking on the title for a challenge takes you to the challenge details screen. This let's you view all the information about a challenge, including the tests and a working reference solution (subscription required for complete access). You can also other view the statistics about the historical pass rate for a challenge, and more.

You also have several actions available to you, including:

Team Challenge Library

Challenge Details

Team challenges have similar details available to them as Qualified challenges, with some additional options.

Challenge Type Specifics