Qualified Community,

We are thrilled to announce that Qualified has joined forces with one of the largest global talent marketplaces, Andela. Andela’s mission of connecting Brilliance with Opportunity becomes even more powerful today by establishing a global standard for technical acumen and quality with Qualified’s industry-leading technical assessment platform.

In 2015, Qualified was born from the Codewars coding challenge platform. Recognizing that the core technology behind Codewars could be used by companies in a hiring context, Codewars co-founder Nathan Doctor and I pivoted to building a developer assessment platform. This idea is what would become Qualified, and we are grateful to all who supported us throughout this journey.

For the past 8 years, we’ve empowered clients to assess talent at scale, finding the best possible fit for development roles. We pride ourselves on providing real-world assessment challenges to ensure that developers are tested on problems seen on the job. We plan on continuing this work and expanding upon it with the support of Andela to create the strongest role assessment, skill certification, and vetting processes in the market.

For Qualified customers, we will accelerate our roadmap and expand our capabilities to be able to assess skills across a broader range of technical areas for you and Andela’s more than 400 global customers. You will also now have access to one of the premiere end-to-end platforms for accessing over 250,000 digital talent from around the globe, powered by Qualified assessments.

The roadmap and support for Qualified will only improve with all members of Qualified joining Andela. When you are looking at new models for growing your technology team, keep Andela and our network of 225,000 technologists from developers, engineers, and data scientists to salesforce and design experts in mind. Click here to start looking at our talent today. You will find a blog with more information on the acquisition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team [email protected]

Jake Hoffner, Qualified & Codewars Co-Founder and CEO, Andela Head of Talent Product