Qualified FAQs


Do I need to be technical to use this?

Not at all, if you don't know the first thing about computers this will still work for you. Our system evaluates your prospective developer's code and programming aptitude, giving a clear 0-100 score on their ability. This way you can focus on assessing the soft skills, like communication, motivation and drive.

How does assessing work?

For our built-in assessments, we select challenges that test different levels of a developer's coding abilities. The developer codes their solution, and our system automatically grades their code—ensuring an accurate, un-biased result every time.

This testing requires a correct solution, and uses the same method that real developers and companies use to validate their own code (automated unit tests).

The developer is given an interactive IDE, with the entire console output, which allows them to iteratively finish their solution, similar to coding on the job.

Using Assessments

How do I get started and setup the tool?

Fortunately you can get started right away with our instant setup. We provide you ready-to-go Assessments that you can send to candidates right away. They are groups of challenges, selected out of our Library, that we have found effective for hiring and support all of our languages—so that your candidate can choose their language of choice.

What about language support?

We support a list of the main languages: Javascript, Ruby, Python, C#, Java, PHP, C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Elixir, Typescript, Bash, Clojure, Haskell, Go and Coffeescript. We have support for Scala and Groovy coming soon. In our library we provide a variety of challenges that are setup for use with all or some of our supported languages. When creating your own custom challenges you'll simply want to add challenge test-cases for each language that you plan to support.

Can the developer cheat on your assessments?

We've designed these assessments to be "open-book" (or should we say open-web). Like in the real-world where developers have access to any Internet resource, we assess in a similar way, with the core of each assessment testing a grasp of coding fundamentals that can not be picked up and applied from outside resources.

Qualified also shows both the time taken to solve a challenge, and a code playback feature, which makes it easier to see the work a candidate performed in solving a challenge. If you see a completed solution simply appear in one step, this gives you an opportunity to reach out and see how they arrived at their solution. (There are legitimate reasons for the code showing up, such as using an external editor.)

Our challenges are also updated periodically to ensure freshness.

Can I create my own assessments?

Yes! We provide a fairly advanced in-app IDE for you to create your own, custom, multi-language assessments. This is the same tool we use to create the assessments we provide. You'll be able to take advantage of:

What tools are available to review the results?

Within the application, you'll be able to compare not only the overall score and per-challenge score for each candidate, but you'll be able to review the actual code written by them. You can see what test cases they might have written, and review the output results from running the tests.

We also provide the ability to playback the code as it was written, enabling to you see how they arrived at their answer, even if the candidate copied-and-pasted in a large section of text.

For Developers

How can I prepare for a Qualified test?

Our code assessments test fundamentals that you would have built through software development projects and work experience. If you want to get a feel for the exact format and do a few practice challenges head over to Codewars.


How do you track multiple developer assessments

Assessments are tracked via the link we give, with the number of assessments you purchased being attached to that link. Make sure to only share it with the developers you want to assess.

When a developer logs in and starts the assessment we remove 1 assessment from the total you purchased and send an email to let you know that they have started.