We are excited to announce a major new release for Qualified! The release includes some great productivity improvements, new evidence data to help improve your evaluation process, and React Native support! It also happens to include some under the hood changes that will boost overall application performance and enable us to introduce even more great features in the near future.

New Stats

New Stat Charts

We have upgraded our solution stats to a new box-whisker chart format which gives you better details on how well someone has performed relative to others. We have also added a number of new statistical categories, including Effort (amount of edits made) and Cyclomatic Complexity (number of solution code paths).

These new stat charts are available from within the "Scoring & Insights" tab within the solution details dialog. They can show performance across up to 3 cohorts:

  • Your own team members who have taken the challenge
  • All other candidates who have submitted the challenge
  • All global candidates who have submitted the challenge (only if challenge is linked to the Qualified library)

Insights Engine

New Insights

In addition to the new stats, the "Scoring & Insights" tab also now includes an insights feature. This feature is driven by our insights engine, which looks at performance statistics as well as digs through playback history, in order to uncover important details that you might otherwise miss.

For example, you can check insights to see if there is anything unusual about the playback history, such as a lot of outside pastes. You can also use it to check if there is anything out of the ordinary in terms of high or low performance. Did the candidate take an unusual amount of time on the challenge? Was there is an uncommon level of high effort? The engine will call these out and even offer recommendations on how you should proceed.

New Challenge Listing

Challenges List 2.0

We have upgraded our "Challenges" section. The list is now using our new card format. We have surfaced more useful information to the view, while also allowing more actions to be performed, all while reducing space overall.

React Native Support

We have introduced support for React Native. This includes the ability to preview the UI while working on its solution. To kick things off, we have provided 3 new library challenges to get teams started assessing candidates.

React Native is part of our extended library.

Other Improvements

Collapsed labels

For customers who use a lot of labels, we have improved the UI so that many labels are collapsed down, improving overall real estate and reducing noise that is shown on the screen.

Improved candidate security

We have improved the login flow for candidates. Previously some candidates could get stuck in a state that was difficult for them to login. These issues have been cleared up, and now if a candidate is logged out and needs to login to an existing account, a verification email will be automatically sent.

Data performance improvements

You will notice that the app loads faster now, especially as you search and handle data within lists. This is due to a new set of APIs that we have incorporated into the app. These APIs are what have made the new stat charts possible. We will be expanding on these APIs moving forward to bring new features to the application.

More accurate dashboard funnel chart

We've made some changes to make the dashboard funnel chart more accurate. These changes are related to our new briefs APIs.