Inc. explores how companies are evolving their hiring process for greater effectiveness. The article Top 4 Ways Companies Can Recruit Better Technical Talentspeaks to the impact of coding assessments and pair-programming on finding the highest quality talent. In it, CEO of Qualified, Nathan Doctor, articulates the importance of testing real-world ability.

We all know that on-boarding the right technical team is vital to the growth and innovation of operations within a company. Unfortunately, finding this talent has proved challenging and time consuming. Inc takes a look at 4 unique methods executives are applying in order to navigate these problems:

  1. Code Assessments

  2. Virtual Interviewing

  3. Improved Applicant Tracking Systems

  4. Revamped Recruiting Mindsets

Nathan Doctor, CEO of Qualified, speaks to what is arguably the most essential component in hiring an engineer — testing his or her code.

“Code assessments evaluate candidates based on real software development skills in a modern coding environment, which results in hires with high on-the-job performance. Skills-based hiring implements consistent process and objective standards so companies can make data-driven decisions.”

Qualified’s coding platform is bringing both ease and accuracy to the hiring process, as it is built to assess real-world coding performance. This allows for companies to test for true and accurate technical fit while weeding out any subjective bias inherent in other parts of the hiring process.

Alongside global virtual interviewing, more sophisticated applicant tracking systems, and evolved recruiting culture — innovative code assessments rank as one of the most valuable investments companies can make in their hiring process.