More than ever before software developers are breaking from writing code to publish personal blogs where they share their expertise and the nuances of their craft. Many do so in order to build their personal brand, while others are simply giving back to the developer community by documenting their own learnings. 

The list of developer blogs you’ll find below represents the best of the best. Whether you’re stuck writing a particularly challenging bit of code or are simply looking for some inspiration from your peers, these blogs are worth having on your radar. 

Ben Nadel is a Co-founder and Principal Engineer at Invision. His blog has a heavy emphasis on user experience design, Javascript, and ColdFusion. 

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Flavio Copes is insane—he’s an Italian software engineer that writes and publishes new content every single day! His site focuses primarily on Javascript tutorials.

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Jordan Krey is the Director of Engineering at Buildium, which was acquired this month by RealPage for $580M. His blog is “an engineer’s guide to people, office politics, and career growth.”

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Tania Rascia is a front end software engineer at DAIS Technology and previously served as a Technical Writer focused on Javascript at Digital Ocean. She’s based in Chicago and prides herself on learning in public while writing everything she knows.

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Erik Bernhardsson is the CTO at where he leads a team of about 60 software engineers. He publishes posts only every couple of months, but they are wonderfully detailed and often straight from the front lines of scaling 

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Davide Walsh is a Senior Software Engineer at Mozilla with a self-proclaimed goal of becoming the best front end developer in the world. His blog is packed with articles focused on Javascript, React, and Node. 

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OK, OK, this one was probably already on your radar. Joel Spolsky is the Co-founder of Fog Creek Software (which birthed Trello) and also served as CEO of StackOverflow for nearly a decade (he’s now Chairman of the Board). He’s written 1100+ articles over the past 16 years.

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Overreacted is the personal blog of Dan Abramov, a front end developer. Dan is also the creator of Redux—you can check out his comprehensive tutorial on Redux here.

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Ray Wenderlich is a Virginia based software engineer whose community website features 3,000+ developer tutorials. The site self describes as “the largest and most up-to-date collection of development courses on iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Flutter, Server Side Swift, Unity and more.” While it’s not really a personal blog, it’s so useful that we had to include it on this list.

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Ahmad Awais has his hands in a little bit of everything—he’s currently working as Principal Developer Advocate at Cloudinary, but also has deep expertise in the Google and Wordpress developer communities with a strong focus on improving the developer experience. His whole website just screams “hustle.”

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Robin Wieruch is a Berlin based software engineering consultant that has published books on React.js, Node.js, GraphQl. He also previously worked as a full stack web developer at Small Improvements.

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Upmostly is a blog and a series of tutorials published by British software developer James King. The site has a heavy emphasis on React—James is currently writing a book called entitled The Complete Guide To React Development (you can download a chapter for free on the site).

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Khalil Stemmler is a Developer Advocate at Apollo GraphQL. His site is focused on advanced Typescript and Node.js best practices for large scale applications. 

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That’s our list—follow the content that these software engineers publish and you can’t help but learn a thing or two. Who’s missing from our list? Let us know at team(at)

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