The Qualified Story

Qualified is built with the intention of providing companies a developer-friendly way to assess the skill strengths of potential software hires. Keeping the developer experience as our focus we’ve provided a format that mimics real-world coding and uses integrated testing frameworks for a seamless coding experience. Leveraging those ideals we have built a professional, enterprise-grade tool that allows tech companies to test a developer's coding skill automatically.

Qualified is from the same team behind the developer community Codewars. The Codewars community has grown quickly to a few hundred thousand developers, and inspired a loyal contingent of supporters. On the site developers train on code challenges, completing and creating them as a way to prove their skills, and in the process teaching the rest of the community. This challenge format which has been proven millions of times by talented software developers, is the basis for the code assessments used on Qualified.

If you have any questions or feedback along the way, feel free to reach out to us personally. In the meantime, we wish you continued success on your journey!