Bulk Editing

Bulk editing lets you select multiple candidates and perform several actions on them at once.


Use the checkboxes to select/deselect individual candidates, or the whole current page via the top checkbox. If every candidate on the current page is selected, clicking the top checkbox again will deselect every candidate on the current page.

You can add and remove selections across pages, or even searching/filtering the list. If you need to look at something else and return, or even reload the page, your selections will be retained as long as you are logged in.


Once selected, a couple new options appear on the sidebar:

Update Dialog

Selecting UPDATE opens a dialog with a list of available actions. The list is automatically filtered based on your selections. Actions include:

If an action isn't valid for any selected candidate, that action is hidden. If only some of the selected candidates apply to a given action, it's noted in the help text below the action.

TIP You can review the selected or affected candidates at any time using the expandable section at the top of the dialog.

Making Updates

All bulk edit options allow you to add & remove or replace Labels, add & remove or replace Assignments, and add a Note.

Approve and Reject also allow you to send an email to relevant team members.

Completing the update will send off the team candidates to be updated, which will happen in the background. It’s usually pretty quick, but large bulk updates may take several minutes.

After you complete the update, you can choose to clear your selections.

Inviting Candidates

Using the INVITE button will open the normal invite dialog, with your selected candidates automatically filled in.