Challenges are the individual tests that make up a larger assessment. A challenge can be very simple, or very complex.

Challenge Library

The challenge library is where you list and manage your challenges, as well as view challenges available from the Qualified library. To access the Challenge Library, click on Challenges at the top of the screen.

Challenge Types

Qualified offers two types of code challenges, as well as question & answer challenges.

Project Code Challenges

A project code challenge is an advanced programming challenge that allows for creating multiple solution files and build complex solutions within our web-based IDE. They also include real-time web previews, so are perfect for assessing front-end developers.

Unlike our normal code challenges, these can only be solved in the specific language for which they are designed—however, they can provide a much deeper insight into the skills of your candidate.

Classic Code Challenges

A classic code challenge is a programming test where the developer is given starting code and instructions, and expected to create a solution to meet the specified requirements. Each code challenge contains a set of tests that will be used to validate and score a developer's solution.

Q&A Challenges

A Q&A challenge is one or more questions for the developer to answer. These questions can be multiple choice or free-text answers. Free-text answers can be long or short, and include markldown or code formatting.