Interact Coding Sessions

Use Qualified to collaborate during a technical interview.

What is an Interact Coding Session?

Every assessment in Qualified can be joined in to become an pair-programming session at any time!

With just one or two clicks, you can hop into any active assessment, and work with a candidate to see how they work in a team environment, or provide interactive assistance and training to students.

Quick Start

Start an Interact Coding Session

The easiest way to start an Interact Coding Session is to click on Interact Sessions from the top of the page.

If you want to go directly to a specific developer and assessment, you can also use the START AN INTERACT CODING SESSION button within the candidate/student details page.

Interact Coding Sessions Dialog

Interact Coding Sessions Dialog

This opens the Interact Coding Sessions Dialog, which will show you any active coding sessions you can join in on. Once a developer has connected, they will show up in the list. Click on their name to join in.

If you haven't already invited someone, use the Invite a Candidate to a new Interact Coding Session option to send an invitation email and open a session.

Preventing a Candidate From Starting Without You

When inviting a candidate to an Interact Session, you can prevent them from starting before you or other interviews have shown up by enabling Lock the assessment from starting until unlocked.

Interact Dialog - Unlock Assessment

This feature puts the candidate into a waiting mode until you manually unlock the assessment, either on the candidate's assessment result page, or from within the Interact dialog.

Running an Interact Coding Session

Active Interact Coding Session

During an interact session has started, you can:


Once a coding session is complete, you still have access to all the review tools you have for normal assessments. This includes code playback, allowing you to playback the interview as it unfolded.

To learn more about reviewing candidates, see Reviewing Assessment Results.