Qualified supports the following TypeScript environments:

How different TypeScript code sections are treated

For TypeScript 2.4, the solution and optional setup/preloaded code are combined into one "solution" file. The test fixture is its own file.

For TypeScript 3.3, the optional setup/preloaded code is written to a separate file that can be imported with path: "./preloaded".


The sandbox environment will timeout the code within 12 seconds.


TypeScript 2.4

TypeScript 2.4 supports two environments: Node 8 with Mocha and headless Chrome with Karma+Mocha.

Node 8

Headless Chrome

Mainly used for Angular 4 challenges.

TypeScript 3.3

TypeScript 3.3 (Node 10) has multiple presets for different kinds of challenges.

Default (no preset)

React (react preset)

Angular (angular preset)

Only available in Project Code Challenges.


Our TypeScript environment supports the following testing frameworks: