Reviewing a candidate's code is already pretty powerful within Qualified. We provide automated scoring, solution summaries, and detailed code playback. With this information at your fingertips, you already have the ability to see how well a candidate did in general, see how they stacked up against others, and how they arrived at their solution.

At Qualified, we always want to make the reviewing experience as useful as we can. For example, have you ever seen a solution that doesn't pass tests and you wanted to see if you could figure out how close they were to the solution? Or maybe you are looking at a particularly clever solution, and would like to experiment with it?

With our new Inspect Solution feature, you can easily do just that.

Inspect Solution

Inspect Solution Button

Simply click the new button when looking at a solution's details, and you'll be able to make temporary edits to the code and run both the candidate's tests and the final submission tests. This feature opens up several new use cases:

  • Use this feature to get deeper insights into where the developer might have made mistakes.
  • Verify issues with running code (especially code that might be experiencing intermittent issues, such as due to random test cases).
  • Share a screen with the candidate or student later for review.
  • Gain insights into where candidates might be having trouble with custom challenges.
  • Use this to open solutions on a projector to discuss with your team, allowing quick edits and testing theories.

But wait, there's more!

Imagine that you are reviewing the playback of a candidate's solution, and you see that they were heading in the right direction, but then deviated in a way they couldn't complete the challenge. Wouldn't it be great to be able to explore the path they were on before the mistake?

Look no further, because during playback, Inspect Solution becomes Inspect Revision!

You can use this feature to inspect any moment in the playback timeline! With this additional feature, you can dig into where a student or candidate might have had trouble that led them down a wrong path.

Both features are available now on all teams, for all challenge types.

Including Q&A Challenges?

Yes, even Q&A challenges. While this probably isn't very useful for multiple-choice answers, you can use this feature to help get deeper insights into automated testing of free text answers, by being able to modify the candidate's answer, and see real-time automated scorer results.